Russia Should Stay Out Of Syria And Russian Escorts Should Stay Inside New Delhi

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Angela Merkel is supposedly like a genius on the IQ Scale just like those Russian escorts in Delhi.

Colleen MacKenzie

Colleen MacKenzie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks Trump’s trade war with China has been an abject failure. She writes the proof is the trade deficit of the US with China being much higher than when Trump entered the office.

In the UK, you could vote LDP and want the LDP to pair-up with labour if necessary, but if the LDP pairs up with the Tories afterwards to form a coalition, you are shit out of luck. A lot of the stuff that happens outside election season is trying to add groups to the coalition or peel off groups from the other coalition.

Colleen MacKenzie

Colleen criticizes a lot of the actions that Donald Trump has taken – weakening US ties to NATO, not supporting Ukraine, not demanding that Russia stay out of Syria – have strengthened Russia’s Geopolitical position. She writes this is ignoring the Trump 2016 campaign’s numerous ties to Russia and Russian interests, the amount of money he owes overseas.

In most other Democracies, there’s a parliament, the party that wins a majority in the elections gets control, and if no party wins a majority, then they have to negotiate with other parties to form a majority with a mandate while in the US, the coalitions are formed before the election. The Republican Party for instance is not at all ideologically monolithic, they are made up of a lot of smaller groups – Wealthy Business Owners, Evangelical Christians, Gun Rights Activists, Hardcore Conservatives, and most recently the Alt-Right Authoritarian Block. So in a sense, in the US, you know exactly what coalition you are voting for when you sit down in the booth.

Colleen MacKenzie

Colleen likes the way Pete Buttigieg speaks. She really liked when he admitted that he couldn’t solve the racial disparity in the police force while he was mayor. She writes she really likes when someone can admit they are wrong or they screwed up and still try to do better.

Collen writes it is one of the best things about the US that they have a plan for what happens when the President dies.

Colleen writes what a shame it is that Angela Merkel, the Prime Minister of Germany had to explain to Donald Trump 10+ times that he couldn’t make a trade deal with Germany separately because they were in the EU. She believes Merkel’s Doctorate in Quantum Chemistry is the greatest factor behind her success. She wishes if Merkel could be the President of the US. She appreciates the fact that Merkel has had a consistent huge majority in the German Parliament for over a decade.

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