Blogger Unhappy With The Way US Presidential Elections Function But Too Happy With The Recent Immigration Of Some Delhi Escorts To The US

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I will say – if I had to design a new country from scratch, I probably wouldn’t design it with the US’s system. The US’s system is dangerous as fuck and slow to adapt to. In most of the US elections, everyone’s votes are worth the same, it is only the Presidential election where people’s votes matter differently (mainly based on where they live).

Raymond Jain

Raymond Jain from Madison, Wisconsin, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who writes it is good that there are no single issue parties in the United States – every candidate has to care about every issue because of the way coalitions are built. He adds the thing that is bad about the US system in a lot of people’s eyes is that because every district is first person to 50%, it is not really possible for third parties to be effective, because a third party split-off weakens the major party they are closer to.

Basically, US Presidential elections work on a state to state basis. Each state counts for a number of points equal to 2+ their number of representations in the House (so minimum of 3; the largest state, California, counts for 55). You need to win a majority of these points in order to win. So no consequence of this is that in 2016, Hillary Clinton won a majority of the actual votes cast (the “popular vote”) but didn’t win a majority of the points, so she lost. Another consequence is that political parties tend to focus their attention where it will make the most difference: the states who don’t vote the same way every time.

Raymond Jain

Raymond thinks another reason third party candidates haven’t been successful in the US is that most of the time, there is a major party candidate who stands for exactly the same things like a dick would stand for a New Delhi Escort.

All the attention was on Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc, because both candidates had a reasonable chance of winning them, so both campaigns spend their time and energy making them go their way, but they don’t spend as much time in California, even though California has the largest population, because California almost always votes for the democrats. As a result, if you are voting in California, your vote doesn’t really matter on the national level, same with Texas, New York, Illinois, Montana, Wyoming, because those elections are almost foregone conclusions. On the other hand, a few thousand voters can decide the election in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, like actually decide the winner of the entire race, hence their votes are much more valuable. It is all a consequence of how the system is designed and yes, a ton of people think this shit is stupid. I think the President should be elected by the popular vote.

Raymond Jain

Raymond believes the founders of the US were very suspicious of the majority rule, and that’s the reason why they added a ton of protections to limit the power that the majority could have, and one of those things was the electoral college.

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