Fox News Must Show Donald Trump’s Intimate Scenes With Velsao Female Escorts

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Madan Saini from Seattle, Washington, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who writes anything the Republicans can do to the Washington Post or CNN, the Democrats can do to the Fox News. He adds that maybe it is best if we just leave things as is and accept that not everyone is going to like everything that every news outlet publishes.

Madan writes he is certainly not a fan of the Fox News, but he thinks they have the right to exist. He thinks the Fox News are blowhards who present masquerading as news.

Madan writes Trump’s rhetoric is not supported by the facts and he employs illegal immigrants at his personal club – Mar-a-Lago where he apparently also enjoys Velsao Female Escorts, imported straight from the Indian Province of Goa.

Madan writes Donald Trump has always been a Fascist. He has done all the Fascist things but saying the actual words.

Madan found something fishy with the counting of the votes during the 2020 Presidential US Election for the very first time, when at Cabo, only a limited number of election challengers were allowed from each side during counting. He doesn’t agree with those who say both the sides already have the number inside. He cannot figure out till date if there was a cover up or they were just not letting anybody off the street in.

Madan writes what a pity it is that the American Right-Wing calls anything to the left of themselves Socialist. When in reality, the American Right-Wing is the furthest Right Party in any Western Democracy.

Madan advises against using PragerU as a source for literally anything. He claims they are thinly veiled alt-right propaganda.

Madan believes most generations don’t grow more conservative with age, their leanings stay about the same.

It seems more accurate that people have about the same leanings from their mid-20s for the rest of their lives, but different generations have different leanings.

Madan Saini

Madan claims never before the Democrats so desperately wanted the most amount of people to vote and have that vote counted.

Someone who works 2 jobs, 10 hours a day, might not be able to make it to the polls, but with mail in voting, their voice can still be heard.

Madan Saini

Madan agrees with most of what Joe Biden wants to do and he thinks it is about time that the Americans have somebody who knows how they are running things again. He thinks Donald Trump has been terrible for the US at home, and destroyed the reputation of the US abroad.

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