Privately Owned Colleges Should Teach ‘How To Become A Successful Escort’, Believes A Liberal Political Thinker

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Gun control, in my opinion, shouldn’t be the main focus of a political campaign, I am sure there are more important things to worry about.

Abraham Bendel

The stigma remains, most people outside the US think you have too many guns.

Abraham Bendel

People in Israel, Korea and some countries in Europe have mandatory military service, they are actually educated about guns.

Abraham Bendel

To the conservatives, isn’t it preferable that school districts make that choice based on the needs of their students rather than by some mandate from above?

Abraham Bendel

Abraham Bendel from Boca Raton, Florida, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes the privately owned schools and colleges in the US should be allowed to teach whatever they want to teach just like those Velsao Escorts are free to offer whatever service they want to, in the province of Goa, India.

Abraham writes it is such a shame that whenever the African-Americans have tried to protest peacefully, they have tried to raise their grievances politely and have their voices heard, nothing changed, and in fact, there were usually reprisals against them.

Say African-Americans don’t like the state of affairs in this country – what is the proper way for them to protest, in your mind? What if, for example, they were to kneel during the National Anthem at a sporting event, not yelling, not marching, not doing anything. Kneeling instead of standing during the National Anthem.

Abraham Bendel

Abraham writes how fun it is that the Republicans had spent 20 years trying to put some bullshit on Hillary and Benghazi was all they could find. He gives reference of the Arab Spring, when the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was stormed by Protestors and 2 Americans were killed. Hillary was the Secretary of State at that time (responsible for managing US embassies and diplomacy abroad). He writes the Republicans dragged her in for hearings multiple times about whether she had done everything possible to protect embassy personally, in order to make it into this huge scandal, but there was no credible accusation of wrongdoing. He adds, they had just been trying to put crap on her for 20 years, but there’s nothing that can be done really.

Abraham doesn’t understand why the Democrats like to vote more via mail than their Republican counterparts.

Abraham cannot forget the moment hen he saw peaceful protests in Downtown with his bare eyes: people just standing in public streets making their voices heard and Trump had them cleared with soldiers, so he could walk to a church and pretend to pray.

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