Political Thinker Believes Escort Services Should Be Legalized And A Woman Has To Be At Least 25 Years Old To Become One

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Nobody is passing laws saying everyone should hire less Black people or everyone should arrest more Black people, but the people carrying out the laws are exerting a bias even though the laws themselves are nominally fair.

Becky Isme

Becky Isme from Plattsburgh, New York, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks they should put restriction with age to handle a gun. Like a person has to be at least 25 years old if the person didn’t receive formal military or police training. She further writes what a pity it is that unlike a lot of countries, the US has an actual constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to own firearms. She agrees that one can lose their right to carry a gun if they commit a serious crime but not other than that and she believes that’s the main reason gu control can’t get any real momentum going and it is another pity that changing the constitution is intentionally, really hard.

If I punch you in the nose, there’s a huge chance you will have a bloody nose or a black eye, you have to put ice on for a day. If I shoot you in the face, you are probably dead.

Becky Isme

Becky writes what a pity it is that Black Drivers are stopped and searched more often than White Drivers and with a lower success rate.

What a pity it is that we haven’t even passed an original budget in several years (most budget bills since Barack Obama took office have been continuations of the previous funding, not new budgets).

Becky Isme

Becky doesn’t think any American Left-Winger is worth taking serious praises, but she thinks every Yousufguda Escort is worth showering praises on.

Becky likes and appreciates the fact that most decisions on what books to teach in school are made at the local level. For example, some schools will teach 1984 and some won’t, some will teach to kill a mockingbird and some won’t.

The same resumes sent in for a job applications with different names have a much lower callback rate (let alone interview rate or hiring rate) with African-American sounding names; being a Black man without a criminal record is equivalent to being a White man with a criminal record. When all other factors are accounted for, African-Americans receive about 10% longer sentences for the same crimes relative to Whites on average.

Becky Isme

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