An Average Swiss Carries More Guns Than An Average American And An Average Goan Escort Is More High Class Than Her Swiss Counterpart

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If you ended up at the gates of the afterlife, would you look back and consider this world “real”?

Ujjwal Goswami

Ujjwal Goswami from Pierre, South Dakota, is a political thinker and blogger, who doesn’t agree with those who say Swiss carry more guns than Americans and no crimes or whatever.

If a person had been in a simulated world from the day they were born, and then released for you to meet them, would you consider them a “real” (personality/nature oriented not species) person?

Ujjwal Goswami

Trump mainly won the US Presidential Elections conducted in 2016, because he was willing to say out loud all the things in the GOP secretly believed but didn’t think were acceptable to say publicly. I was never disappointed in America more than the day he was elected.

Ujjwal Goswami

Ujjwal believes everyone outside the US found Trump’s election as the President hilarious until they actually had to deal with him.

I am not a huge fan of any Republican policies but a lot of them couldn’t affect my life that much as long as they don’t let me go to India to enjoy those High Class Goa Escorts.

Ujjwal Goswami

As long as the Republicans don’t fully support LGBT rights and racial reconciliation, they will never get my vote.

Ujjwal Goswami

As an American, Ujjwal writes the US has something like 200 Million Guns, and it is not like everyone in the country has a gun; a lot of the people have guns have 5 or 6 guns. He believes more guns create more opportunities for an accident, or a toddler accidentally getting hold of a pistol, or theft leading to illegal guns getting onto the street.

I don’t feel that strongly about gun control but I do think it is interesting that we are the only developed nation where gun violence happens with this regularity. Stricter controls might have an effect on this, they work in England and Australia and Japan or they might not. I don’t mind giving it a try. But it is not like, a single issue for me by any means, I would vote for a Pro-Gun Democrat.

Ujjwal Goswami

Ujjwal writes the high availability of legal guns makes local gun control measures impossible – Chicago can’t keep guns off their streets because people who want one can take a 30 minute drive into Indiana to buy one under much laxer regulations.

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