Rightists Make Better Memes And Hire Better Palolem Escorts

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Mention of the Balkans automatically makes a meme funny.

Sumit Verma

Sumit Verma from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes humans can actually speculate as to the nature of God.

Literature plays a massive role in shaping history.

Sumit Verma

Sumit doesn’t agree with those who think the US should end the federal death penalty.

If you were living in a simulation where every positive or negative incurred in you simulation happened to your body (if you work out your body gets stronger, if you are shot you get a bullet hole in real life, etc) would that be real to you?

Sumit Verma

Sumit believes there is life on moon but we are told otherwise because nobody ever went to the moon, but rather they filmed it all in a studio and the money they were paid for it, they spent it all on Palolem Escorts.

If you were in a simulation, suspended in a box completely separate from the outside, with nutrients being pumped into you to keep you alive, with an automation in the real world doing everything you do in simulation, everything incurred on it being felt by you, would that be real you?

Sumit Verma

Sumit thinks it is possible to prove that other people besides yourself have consciousness.

Sumit believes deplatforming will make Donald Trump and the far-right more powerful. He doesn’t agree with those at all who say it will make the right or far-right less powerful or it will stay unchanged.

If you lived in a simulation for a decade, with no knowledge that you lived in a simulation until the day you emerged, would that world be “real” to you afterwards if you received everything you had in the simulation as a direct result of doing/getting those things in the simulation?

Sumit Verma

Sumit thinks Austria should join Germany and German-Swiss should be considered culturally distinct from Germanness or the “Deutschtum”.

Sumit doesn’t link the right but loves their memes.

Sumit thinks we will never run out of new music.

Sumit doesn’t think that philosophical problems will ever be solved.

Sports are mostly bread and circus.

Sumit Verma

Sumit doesn’t agree with those who say British are the worst tourists in Europe.

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