White Supremacist Copenhagen Furniture Retailer Supports Legalization Of Escort Services Worldwide

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Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama way more privileged than me. Is that inherent? No. For the same reason Trump doesn’t have inherent privilege by virtue of the fact that he happened to be born White.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asbjorn Adamthwaite from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a Furniture Retailer and Political Blogger, who writes if he were Northern Irish, he would support the IRA. He wouldn’t support their religious background, however he thinks Northern Ireland should just be given back.

I would only choose not to vote if I couldn’t make my mind up. Don’t get me wrong. Trump wouldn’t even pass middle-school English class, but Joe Biden is a much worse politician. My mind is made up.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn travelled to the UK in June. He was shocked to see that many police forces were promoting the denial of jobs to the white people, due to diversity quotas, to protect their own image against the growing left-wing.

The only racial privileges I can think of, are the slight privileges granted to black families, when it comes to the social security, housing, etc.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn thinks the more privilege minorities have, the less privileged White people are by default.

White privilege isn’t a thing, people just like to pretend like it is a thing.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn agrees that perhaps certain police’s inadequacy can lead to privilege, but asks however how rare is it that you find an officer who thinks white people deserve less thorough treatment?

If you can name a way or two in which White people are privileged, I will sure be impressed.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn thinks the media portrays disproportionate numbers most of the times.

So where there is advantage there is not privilege, but where there is an advantage, it is privilege?

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn believes consciousness comes from the brain.

Asborn doesn’t agree with those who think we can solve the climate change problem with a scientific solution. Neither does he agree with those who think Artificial intelligence will have consciousness in the future.

Asborn thinks coffee should be made illegal across the globe and escort services should me made legal everywhere. He didn’t have this opinion till he enjoyed champagne with one of the hottest Candolim Goa escorts.

Asborn believes America will expand its territorial claims in the next 25 years.

Asborn doesn’t support the same-sex marriage and doesn’t agree with those who think marriage is becoming a thing of the past.

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