Thisted Journalist Can’t Get Over Muammar Ghaddafi And Bogmalo’s White Female Escorts

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Casper Ainsworth from Thisted, Denmark, is a Journalist and Blogger, who writes stereotypes (which are in some way true) associated with Black people and White people could lead to a discrepancy in the way that they are seen by cops, even though he doesn’t think it is as big of a discrepancy as the media makes it out to be. He doesn’t agree necessarily. He thinks that privileges that White people have had are being “revoked”, and he also does think that White people are less privileged than before definitely, in almost every aspect, it is even footing. But in some aspects, he adds White people have the disadvantage, but he doesn’t think that it means that White people aren’t privileged in any areas. He clarifies that he is not implying that they are overall more privileged, that is very much up for a debate.

I think privilege exists for White people in some small ways, like the White girls are paid more for their escort services in Bogmalo, but he doesn’t think it is really institutionalized or anything. He never said the privileges don’t change or that they are somehow static, but he thinks privilege exists for White people in the same way that privilege in different ways exists for the black people.

Casper Ainsworth

Casper believes Muammar Gaddafi’s rule was much better than the current rule in Libya – Literacy Rates were increased, boys and girls were guaranteed free primary and secondary education. He adds that Muammar Ghaddafi was a man with socialist ideologies who was assassinated by an American-plotted coup-de-tat.

Casper writes Capitalism is such an overrated ideology. He writes one has to just look at the successes of Capitalism in Africa in order to learn how successive Capitalism truly is and also in the Central Asia.

Casper believes the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi wants to eliminate the Western Academic Schools and Colleges in India and replace the current Indian education system with the Ancient Hindu education system. He suspects the Prime Minister Modi is in talks with the Indian Corporate to take over the land, buildings and other public and private assets belonging to the current academic schools, colleges and universities and turn those into shopping plazas, malls and residential societies for their financial benefit.

Casper writes one being against Ghaddafi simply because he was a socialist is absolutely ridiculous. He writes such people forged a non-existent socialist boogeyman and use it to attack anyone who goes “let us not live in an unequal shithole and improve the lives of the disadvantaged.” He adds that Ghaddafi’s rule included free education, all the way up to the university level, it included housing been seen as a right, it saw much prosperity and inequality be eliminated.

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