Pro-Choice Israelite Writer Broke His 450 Day Strong NoFap Streak With A Goa Russian Escort

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You can’t be forced to give a kidney to the person you injured in an auto-accident, that’s your fault. Not choosing to give your kidney because it will reduce your health is your right. You have rights over your body over the life of another.

Zelig Abergel

Zelig Abergel from Haifa, Israel, is a Pro-Choice Writer, who writes the big division between pro-life and pro-choice is, whether the right over your body is more important than the life of an embryo/fetus.

Pro-Choice is the right to choose who gets to use your body or not. One should not be forced to compromise one’s body to sustain another life. It should be voluntary – a choice.

Zelig Abergel

Zelig believes you cannot be forced to sacrifice a part of yours for someone else, it doesn’t matter if it is an embryo or a long-lived adult. He writes no one should be forced to sustain a life. He thinks one should not be dragged into medical centre, tied down, sedated and have a kidney removed so the one without working kidneys can live. One should always have the right to choose. Giving reference of this, he talks to the pro-life people who are against abortions: Because it is not just about what a woman chooses. Women have an ability men don’t have, so the scenario he paints puts a man – or a woman – in almost the same position of having rights over their life/body.

Most women don’t take abortion lightly. You will hear mostly men say women are irresponsible, they go out partying and always get pregnant.

Zelig Abergel

For the people who think adoption is the solution for all unwanted babies. Zelig writes kids with fetal alcohol syndrome have a very hard life and don’t get adopted easily. Crack babies don’t either. He writes some people have issues. The real fix is to work on preventing pregnancies in first place. Help people out of their situations if possible. Give free birth control like planned parenthood does. Start blaming men more for not taking responsibility for their part in it.

Zelig writes it is funny that planned parenthood gets blamed for so many abortions but never praised for preventing so many pregnancies in the first place.

I am pretty disgusted at myself and pretty motivated to not ever have sex with a Goa Russian escort again, occasionally it has been really hard.

Zelig Abergel

Zelig writes he sees several similarities between the Israel/Palestine conflict and the Pro-Choice versus Pro-Life argument.

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