Escorts Turning Into Spotify Queens With The Help Of Singing Apps

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The potential life of a child is more important than the choice of the woman.

Derek Ford

Derek Ford from Miami, Florida, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes radio will soon die and podcasting will become more popular than all other media formats combined.

There is an objective morality. Hate and bitterness is evil.

Derek Ford

Derek doesn’t agree with those who think the United States have a unique moral responsibility for the welfare of peoples outside the United States.

Nobody can make me hate. You can torture me and kill my body, but I will never have hate or bitterness in my heart. I will constructively work for the good.

Derek Ford

Derek thinks there will be large scale violence from far-right groups leading up to the US Presidential inauguration.

Derek doesn’t agree with those who say that Israel is a part of the west.

Derek is a contemporary avant-garde music composer. He always looks forward to discuss musical forms, aesthetic inputs, timbral possibilities and so forth. He doesn’t like Coltrane’s bebop period and Davis’s coal jazz period. He mostly resonates with free/avant-garde jazz.

Derek didn’t even know what metal was at one point, but attended some live concerts when he was in middle school and that changed it all for him. About 1980s metal, he writes 1980 had the weight of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and then by 84 Thrash Metal came around, the next 2 years had the first wave of black metal and then late 1980s had death metal and doom metal.

Derek can’t stand rap, rock and electronic.

Derek has 8, 827 songs liked on Spotify alone. The number is more than the number of Russian escorts in Mumbai.

Derek has a huge respect for the instrumentation in music done throughout the 1970s and 1980s. He writes people were doing things which had not been done yet, particularly with the early 1970s, after Hendrix’s death. He also has a huge respect and regard for the Blues created in those days, although he doesn’t listen to too much Blues.

About the 1960s music, Derek writes what isn’t there to like about the 1960s? It produced some of the greatest bands of all times, or some of the best bands made their debut. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jim Hendrix, The Animals, Simon and Garfunkel, The Who, The Monkees, The Temptations. Another thing is, he loves the zeitgeist of the 1960s: The Rebellious Youth, the protest against injustice, the counter culture.

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