Analyst Believes Big Tech Should Never Compete With Escort Agencies

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I used to believe Social Security was a Ponzy scheme, but now I know Social Security is essentially a pyramid scheme.

Abba Newton

Abba Newton from Nazareth, Israel, thinks artificial wombs should be the main method of child birth eventually in society.

Stacking the courts should be in play for the Democrats if Trump goes through with a Supreme Court nomination.

Abba Newton

Abba doesn’t agree with those who think we can have dimension without time.

Even if I were a self-made very rich person born and living in China, I would publicly criticize the CCP and its leadership.

Abba Newton

Abba doesn’t agree with those who think we can have dimension without time.

We should ban any technique in the future that makes the humans able to manipulate time.

Abba Newton

Abba believes big tech censorship is necessary in some cases, like the big techs should never come in competition with the North Goa Escort Agencies, or escort agencies of any other place, as he believes they will ruin it all.

Neither Abba agrees with those who say love is something that we can quantify, nor with those who think love defies structural definition.

Abba thinks John Brown, the American Abolitionist, is one of the most underrated heroes of all times. He writes roughly 96% of the people he ever spoke to, never heard the name and he generally talks to well-read and aware people.

Abba loves philosophy, but hates philosophers and that includes the infamous Slavoj Zizek and Jordan Peterson.

Abba thinks beauty should be an integral part of art.

Abba doesn’t agree with those who claim comfort weakens and softens humans. He writes it rather gives them the opportunity to evolve.

Abba thinks it is positive to often remember the inevitability of death; People are ethically obligated to improve themselves even if it is against their will.

Abba believes we could be wasting our time even when we are doing something we want to do and will is not the only factor which decides that.

Abba believes everyone is a little racist.

Abba thinks the state should presume you are an organ donor when you die to help with organ donations unless you explicitly stated otherwise prior to death on an official document.

Abba doesn’t agree with those who think the teachings in The Art of War are outdated.

Abba thinks Cannibalism is morally acceptable in a famine if the body is already dead.

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