Free Nudes Turning NoFap Into An Undoable Fantasy

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Mindi Alvey from New York City, is a sex blogger, pornstar, adult model, YouTuber, who regularly sends her free nudes to random fans. She claims she only sleeps 4 hours a day.

Mindi claims to know a guy who cleans the porn studios. He is a big NoFap guy who always struggles with it and is always on Day 0 whenever she asks her about his NoFap streak. The wife of this NoFap porn studio cleaner dude divorced him just because he called her a whore while he was banging her backdoor doggystyle. He had to ejaculate in his hand that night as she slipped her butthole out that very moment he called her a whore.

Mindi claims to have had nothing but sexual dreams for the past 4 years now. She says she wants to have nothing but sexual dreams. She believes her different professions, all of which have something or everything to do with sex and sexuality have a great part to play in it.

Two of Mindi’s aunts are nurses. They always tell Mindi that an average doctor fucks a nurse more an average than he does his wife. Hearing these stories, Mindi also wanted to be a nurse in her teenage but because there are not many handsome doctors with big dicks around, she decided that she will rather enter a full-fledged adult business. Adult Businesses pay a lot more in comparison too and not to mention the fame and publicity one gets from becoming popular in an adult business nowadays.

Mindi believes some women and pimps offer escort services through Freelance Platforms like Fiverr nowadays. She adds if they don’t already, she is going to be the first one to do so as she believes that’s the only thing these freelance marketplaces have been lacking.

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