Month: October 2020

Man has been looking for a Foolproof Cure for Varicocele so that he could Wank to Sarai Minx’s VR Videos again

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Jeffrey Fulgham from Hamilton, Ohio, is a Concept Artist and Sex Blogger, who claims to have been working on a balm that could cure varicocele in men so that they can jerk off to their favorite Free VR Videos or fuck all they can as comfortably as possible.

Jeffrey claims eating Oreo biscuits regularly in the past reduced his testosterone levels by 50%.

Jeffrey is married to a computer engineer. He says he is serious when he writes that coding all day long has made her used to stay at one thing for too long. He brags that he can fuck for hours and she wouldn’t get bored of the same position regardless of how long he fucks for.

Jeffrey claims practicing Vajroli mudra regularly for 4 years made him to be able to fuck for 6 hours straight without ejaculating at all, his dream is to be able to make it to 20 hours at once.

Jeffrey writes that his granddad, who is too proud of his sexual prowess told him that the guys and girls of this generation are so lucky. It used to be his granddad’s dream to be ultimate dream to have live sex and broadcast it globally while he was young.

Jeffrey claims to have discovered a 400 year old book recently, which was written by a Bosnian Jew. The author claims in the book that bathing in Drina river (currently lies in Bosnia and Serbia), regularly, made him more vigorous and horny at the age of 67 than he used to be at the age of 21.

Jeffrey claims to have never seen a Black girl as hot as Sarai Minx in real life or on the screen.