Month: September 2020

I lost my virginity to a familiar BBC on my 18th Birthday and the next day I fucked my stepdad and made a video of us both fucking like rabbits

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One of the stepbrothers of a very good friend of mine is a black dude who loves pale White women with no signs of tan, just like I am. Most pale women who he chase ridicule him, but other times he gets lucky. He says that the hate and ridicule doesn’t matter much to him as long as he keeps getting lucky like that. Well, he didn’t had to chase me or pursue me in any way, I was the one who initiated sex with him on my 18th birthday and it was a great yet painful experience. More great than painful. I am proud of the fact that I lost my virginity to a BBC, which most other pale White women don’t although they crave it so much.

One of my stepsisters is a 28 year old big ass Colombiana with no brains but an expertise to seduce any man she wants. She used to be the personal secretary of the owner of an average sized privately owned company, now she is the General Secretary, all thanks to her art-of-seduction, that put the MILF pornstars like Monique Fuentes, Kitana Flores and Esperanza Gomez combined to shame.

This Colombian stepsister of mine laughs her big ass off on the intelligent women with top college degrees.

I am going to pursue higher education, no matter what. Yes, I am going to fuck my way to the top, if the need comes, but I am not going to be dependent upon my pussy, boobs, or butts alone.

Once after my stepdad blacked out after drinking pots of rye whiskey, I made out with him and also made a video of us both. Now, I blackmail him all the time, warning him that I will show our sex video to my mom and also will tell her that I found the number of Delhi Outcall Escorts in his phone. He says that he regrets blacking out that night more than anything else in his life, first of all, he was too drunk to enjoy me riding him in the reverse cowgirl position, second, he keeps getting blackmailed for it and third, I am not willing to do it ever again with him, no matter how much he begs for it.