Ralph Rowe from Rankin County, Mississippi, imports unlabeled (non-branded) products from Alibaba and sells those all over the United States of America. He is a sex blogger as well, who writes on his blog that when his best friend’s wife started out a sexual relationship with him, he believed that it was a part of a game plan that he was unaware of, but then later he came to learn that that the game plan was a very little one and that was just to get a revenge on her already cheating husband.

Ralph always claims to have more older friends than the ones his age or younger. He writes that the social pressure and mockery makes the old male spouses perform as good in the bed as their younger counterparts.

Ralph sounds like a Chinese herbal medicine pusher when he writes that his knee used to hurt a lot after having sex multiple times before he started taking Traditional Chinese Medicine. After that he writes, apart from having sex multiple times a day, he also takes a wank now and then to the Thai porn clips (คลิปโป๊).

Ralph claims on his blog that late summers is the most horny time for most women including the ones belonging to the LGBT community and December is the most horny time for the straight men and January for the ones belonging to the LGBT community.

Phil Bergen is a gay dude who happens to be the greatest dildo and male sex toy collector that I know till date. He has no interest in getting into the male sex or any sex toy business which is quite unusual as most collectors are always interested in the business aspect of what they collect, especially the sex related collectors.

Phil once started flirting with a woman dressed up as a man, only to learn later that in reality it was a man. Phil personally hates cross-dressers and this was one case proved no exception. Although Phil is a gay man, he almost never dresses up as a woman. He doesn’t even dress in feminine colors, like pink, purple, etc.

Phil has a bunch of gay friends from the college days and they all make a gay train together almost every weekend. They also connect the tips of each other’s dicks. He says that so much of energy is generated while they are at it that it can be calculated in amperes.

Phil is notorious for stating on his blog over and over again that there’s no greater treasure like a big and stiff cock to a gay guy.

Last year, Phil got priapism as a result of an injury to his head and he says that he has been loving it. He believes that it is the biggest blessing to him, he brags that now he can fuck his boyfriend’s ass for hours at a time and they both have been loving it.

Phil claims to have gained more sex and sexuality related knowledge from a Hentai community (โดจิน) than anything else and that’s the reason why he has been donating money to that community every 25th December for 3 years in a row.