Dr John Rechsteiner from Oklahoma City travels to Mumbai, India for different purposes each year

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Dr John Rechsteiner is a Dentist from Oklahoma City, who claims that bad breath is more common among the Kosher eaters than anyone else. He further adds that it is hard to talk to someone in Israel and also in many Islamic nations for that very reason. He received so much of hate for stating such a thing, that he had to close the comment section of his blog permanently.

Dr John also claims that the inventors and scientists are more prone to getting oral cancer but they are least likely to suffer with the tooth decay. He claims to have never seen a scientist or an inventor with the problem of tooth decay ever in his life.

If Dr John Rechsteiner didn’t close the comment section on his blog, he would have received tons of hate for stating that the people interested in politics are a lot more likely to have common dental diseases than those who don’t. I am certain that Dr John Rechsteiner would think several times before making such a post if the comment section on his blog weren’t closed.

Dr John Rechsteiner claims that tooth decay is more common among the pilots, people who fly a lot, spend a lot of their time on the skyscrapers or live on the top floors of big buildings. He added that the case is far more serious with the current generation of people than it is with the previous generations. In other words, the younger people who live in skyscrapers, are pilots or fly a lot, are more prone to getting tooth decay than the older people.

Dr John Rechsteiner isn’t ashamed to admit that he regularly makes trips to India, where he enjoys different blonde Mumbai escorts each time.

Dr John Rechsteiner claims that the gadgets are extremely bad for the tooth decay, especially, the Power Banks. He claims that roughly as much as 50% of the employees who work for a Lithium-ion battery manufacturer, suffer with tooth decay, including the employees working at the Duracell.

Russia Should Stay Out Of Syria And Russian Escorts Should Stay Inside New Delhi

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Angela Merkel is supposedly like a genius on the IQ Scale just like those Russian escorts in Delhi.

Colleen MacKenzie

Colleen MacKenzie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks Trump’s trade war with China has been an abject failure. She writes the proof is the trade deficit of the US with China being much higher than when Trump entered the office.

In the UK, you could vote LDP and want the LDP to pair-up with labour if necessary, but if the LDP pairs up with the Tories afterwards to form a coalition, you are shit out of luck. A lot of the stuff that happens outside election season is trying to add groups to the coalition or peel off groups from the other coalition.

Colleen MacKenzie

Colleen criticizes a lot of the actions that Donald Trump has taken – weakening US ties to NATO, not supporting Ukraine, not demanding that Russia stay out of Syria – have strengthened Russia’s Geopolitical position. She writes this is ignoring the Trump 2016 campaign’s numerous ties to Russia and Russian interests, the amount of money he owes overseas.

In most other Democracies, there’s a parliament, the party that wins a majority in the elections gets control, and if no party wins a majority, then they have to negotiate with other parties to form a majority with a mandate while in the US, the coalitions are formed before the election. The Republican Party for instance is not at all ideologically monolithic, they are made up of a lot of smaller groups – Wealthy Business Owners, Evangelical Christians, Gun Rights Activists, Hardcore Conservatives, and most recently the Alt-Right Authoritarian Block. So in a sense, in the US, you know exactly what coalition you are voting for when you sit down in the booth.

Colleen MacKenzie

Colleen likes the way Pete Buttigieg speaks. She really liked when he admitted that he couldn’t solve the racial disparity in the police force while he was mayor. She writes she really likes when someone can admit they are wrong or they screwed up and still try to do better.

Collen writes it is one of the best things about the US that they have a plan for what happens when the President dies.

Colleen writes what a shame it is that Angela Merkel, the Prime Minister of Germany had to explain to Donald Trump 10+ times that he couldn’t make a trade deal with Germany separately because they were in the EU. She believes Merkel’s Doctorate in Quantum Chemistry is the greatest factor behind her success. She wishes if Merkel could be the President of the US. She appreciates the fact that Merkel has had a consistent huge majority in the German Parliament for over a decade.

Blogger Unhappy With The Way US Presidential Elections Function But Too Happy With The Recent Immigration Of Some Delhi Escorts To The US

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I will say – if I had to design a new country from scratch, I probably wouldn’t design it with the US’s system. The US’s system is dangerous as fuck and slow to adapt to. In most of the US elections, everyone’s votes are worth the same, it is only the Presidential election where people’s votes matter differently (mainly based on where they live).

Raymond Jain

Raymond Jain from Madison, Wisconsin, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who writes it is good that there are no single issue parties in the United States – every candidate has to care about every issue because of the way coalitions are built. He adds the thing that is bad about the US system in a lot of people’s eyes is that because every district is first person to 50%, it is not really possible for third parties to be effective, because a third party split-off weakens the major party they are closer to.

Basically, US Presidential elections work on a state to state basis. Each state counts for a number of points equal to 2+ their number of representations in the House (so minimum of 3; the largest state, California, counts for 55). You need to win a majority of these points in order to win. So no consequence of this is that in 2016, Hillary Clinton won a majority of the actual votes cast (the “popular vote”) but didn’t win a majority of the points, so she lost. Another consequence is that political parties tend to focus their attention where it will make the most difference: the states who don’t vote the same way every time.

Raymond Jain

Raymond thinks another reason third party candidates haven’t been successful in the US is that most of the time, there is a major party candidate who stands for exactly the same things like a dick would stand for a New Delhi Escort.

All the attention was on Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc, because both candidates had a reasonable chance of winning them, so both campaigns spend their time and energy making them go their way, but they don’t spend as much time in California, even though California has the largest population, because California almost always votes for the democrats. As a result, if you are voting in California, your vote doesn’t really matter on the national level, same with Texas, New York, Illinois, Montana, Wyoming, because those elections are almost foregone conclusions. On the other hand, a few thousand voters can decide the election in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, like actually decide the winner of the entire race, hence their votes are much more valuable. It is all a consequence of how the system is designed and yes, a ton of people think this shit is stupid. I think the President should be elected by the popular vote.

Raymond Jain

Raymond believes the founders of the US were very suspicious of the majority rule, and that’s the reason why they added a ton of protections to limit the power that the majority could have, and one of those things was the electoral college.

Fox News Must Show Donald Trump’s Intimate Scenes With Velsao Female Escorts

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Madan Saini from Seattle, Washington, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who writes anything the Republicans can do to the Washington Post or CNN, the Democrats can do to the Fox News. He adds that maybe it is best if we just leave things as is and accept that not everyone is going to like everything that every news outlet publishes.

Madan writes he is certainly not a fan of the Fox News, but he thinks they have the right to exist. He thinks the Fox News are blowhards who present masquerading as news.

Madan writes Trump’s rhetoric is not supported by the facts and he employs illegal immigrants at his personal club – Mar-a-Lago where he apparently also enjoys Velsao Female Escorts, imported straight from the Indian Province of Goa.

Madan writes Donald Trump has always been a Fascist. He has done all the Fascist things but saying the actual words.

Madan found something fishy with the counting of the votes during the 2020 Presidential US Election for the very first time, when at Cabo, only a limited number of election challengers were allowed from each side during counting. He doesn’t agree with those who say both the sides already have the number inside. He cannot figure out till date if there was a cover up or they were just not letting anybody off the street in.

Madan writes what a pity it is that the American Right-Wing calls anything to the left of themselves Socialist. When in reality, the American Right-Wing is the furthest Right Party in any Western Democracy.

Madan advises against using PragerU as a source for literally anything. He claims they are thinly veiled alt-right propaganda.

Madan believes most generations don’t grow more conservative with age, their leanings stay about the same.

It seems more accurate that people have about the same leanings from their mid-20s for the rest of their lives, but different generations have different leanings.

Madan Saini

Madan claims never before the Democrats so desperately wanted the most amount of people to vote and have that vote counted.

Someone who works 2 jobs, 10 hours a day, might not be able to make it to the polls, but with mail in voting, their voice can still be heard.

Madan Saini

Madan agrees with most of what Joe Biden wants to do and he thinks it is about time that the Americans have somebody who knows how they are running things again. He thinks Donald Trump has been terrible for the US at home, and destroyed the reputation of the US abroad.

Privately Owned Colleges Should Teach ‘How To Become A Successful Escort’, Believes A Liberal Political Thinker

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Gun control, in my opinion, shouldn’t be the main focus of a political campaign, I am sure there are more important things to worry about.

Abraham Bendel

The stigma remains, most people outside the US think you have too many guns.

Abraham Bendel

People in Israel, Korea and some countries in Europe have mandatory military service, they are actually educated about guns.

Abraham Bendel

To the conservatives, isn’t it preferable that school districts make that choice based on the needs of their students rather than by some mandate from above?

Abraham Bendel

Abraham Bendel from Boca Raton, Florida, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes the privately owned schools and colleges in the US should be allowed to teach whatever they want to teach just like those Velsao Escorts are free to offer whatever service they want to, in the province of Goa, India.

Abraham writes it is such a shame that whenever the African-Americans have tried to protest peacefully, they have tried to raise their grievances politely and have their voices heard, nothing changed, and in fact, there were usually reprisals against them.

Say African-Americans don’t like the state of affairs in this country – what is the proper way for them to protest, in your mind? What if, for example, they were to kneel during the National Anthem at a sporting event, not yelling, not marching, not doing anything. Kneeling instead of standing during the National Anthem.

Abraham Bendel

Abraham writes how fun it is that the Republicans had spent 20 years trying to put some bullshit on Hillary and Benghazi was all they could find. He gives reference of the Arab Spring, when the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was stormed by Protestors and 2 Americans were killed. Hillary was the Secretary of State at that time (responsible for managing US embassies and diplomacy abroad). He writes the Republicans dragged her in for hearings multiple times about whether she had done everything possible to protect embassy personally, in order to make it into this huge scandal, but there was no credible accusation of wrongdoing. He adds, they had just been trying to put crap on her for 20 years, but there’s nothing that can be done really.

Abraham doesn’t understand why the Democrats like to vote more via mail than their Republican counterparts.

Abraham cannot forget the moment hen he saw peaceful protests in Downtown with his bare eyes: people just standing in public streets making their voices heard and Trump had them cleared with soldiers, so he could walk to a church and pretend to pray.

Political Thinker Believes Escort Services Should Be Legalized And A Woman Has To Be At Least 25 Years Old To Become One

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Nobody is passing laws saying everyone should hire less Black people or everyone should arrest more Black people, but the people carrying out the laws are exerting a bias even though the laws themselves are nominally fair.

Becky Isme

Becky Isme from Plattsburgh, New York, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks they should put restriction with age to handle a gun. Like a person has to be at least 25 years old if the person didn’t receive formal military or police training. She further writes what a pity it is that unlike a lot of countries, the US has an actual constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to own firearms. She agrees that one can lose their right to carry a gun if they commit a serious crime but not other than that and she believes that’s the main reason gu control can’t get any real momentum going and it is another pity that changing the constitution is intentionally, really hard.

If I punch you in the nose, there’s a huge chance you will have a bloody nose or a black eye, you have to put ice on for a day. If I shoot you in the face, you are probably dead.

Becky Isme

Becky writes what a pity it is that Black Drivers are stopped and searched more often than White Drivers and with a lower success rate.

What a pity it is that we haven’t even passed an original budget in several years (most budget bills since Barack Obama took office have been continuations of the previous funding, not new budgets).

Becky Isme

Becky doesn’t think any American Left-Winger is worth taking serious praises, but she thinks every Yousufguda Escort is worth showering praises on.

Becky likes and appreciates the fact that most decisions on what books to teach in school are made at the local level. For example, some schools will teach 1984 and some won’t, some will teach to kill a mockingbird and some won’t.

The same resumes sent in for a job applications with different names have a much lower callback rate (let alone interview rate or hiring rate) with African-American sounding names; being a Black man without a criminal record is equivalent to being a White man with a criminal record. When all other factors are accounted for, African-Americans receive about 10% longer sentences for the same crimes relative to Whites on average.

Becky Isme

Handguns And Fascist Yousufguda Female Escorts Have Been Saving Lives

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Banning guns is a universal scale is stupid to me.

Fritz Auch

Too many men and women love and admire all kinds of guns. It is an expensive hobby.

Fritz Auch

Fritz Auch from Tucson, Arizona, is a Rightist Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks most political issues are small degree and people should rather spend time looking for gorgeous one night stand women like they offer you at Yousufguda Escort Services than wasting time watching political debates.

My family is from Denmark and I have had the opportunity to experience both political systems, and what I can from this is that gun licensing systems absolutely can save lives. No one wants to take away your 2nd Amendment Right, but it is fair to have requirements and training for a tool that can easily and the life of another being.

Fritz Auch

Fritz writes the guns are a huge landmark of America and without them it just wouldn’t be the same country. “Guns created America”, he adds referring to the fundamental of revolution.

Fritz believes guns save lives. He writes it is not like a higher gun rate means higher levels of crimes.

Australia did something like where they burnt hundreds of millions of guns , may be 300 million if my memory is accurate. Some people want to do that in America, but that is just more burning and burning is bad for the environment, and it is such a waste and totally disrespectful to people who pursue guns as a hobby or a lifestyle.

Fritz Auch

To those who say almost all means of assault result in deaths or hospitalization, Fritz answers: “Even punching someone in the face can result in the same.”

Fritz writes the number of votes does not indicate whether population or electoral college.

Fritz believes that a lot of guns that are legal aren’t even designed to kill in a military setting, but to disable the person.

Fritz doesn’t agree with those who think or say that a handgun ban or restrictions would result in anything positive.

Fritz thinks guns save more than they kill in America.

Fritz never takes the polls seriously, but he knew Joe Biden was winning the American Presidential Elections 2020. He writes it is a matter of common sense.

Fritz doesn’t agree with those who say Trump is a Fascist. He writes if he were a Fascist, he would be running an ethnostate and would deport all Non-Whites.

An Average Swiss Carries More Guns Than An Average American And An Average Goan Escort Is More High Class Than Her Swiss Counterpart

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If you ended up at the gates of the afterlife, would you look back and consider this world “real”?

Ujjwal Goswami

Ujjwal Goswami from Pierre, South Dakota, is a political thinker and blogger, who doesn’t agree with those who say Swiss carry more guns than Americans and no crimes or whatever.

If a person had been in a simulated world from the day they were born, and then released for you to meet them, would you consider them a “real” (personality/nature oriented not species) person?

Ujjwal Goswami

Trump mainly won the US Presidential Elections conducted in 2016, because he was willing to say out loud all the things in the GOP secretly believed but didn’t think were acceptable to say publicly. I was never disappointed in America more than the day he was elected.

Ujjwal Goswami

Ujjwal believes everyone outside the US found Trump’s election as the President hilarious until they actually had to deal with him.

I am not a huge fan of any Republican policies but a lot of them couldn’t affect my life that much as long as they don’t let me go to India to enjoy those High Class Goa Escorts.

Ujjwal Goswami

As long as the Republicans don’t fully support LGBT rights and racial reconciliation, they will never get my vote.

Ujjwal Goswami

As an American, Ujjwal writes the US has something like 200 Million Guns, and it is not like everyone in the country has a gun; a lot of the people have guns have 5 or 6 guns. He believes more guns create more opportunities for an accident, or a toddler accidentally getting hold of a pistol, or theft leading to illegal guns getting onto the street.

I don’t feel that strongly about gun control but I do think it is interesting that we are the only developed nation where gun violence happens with this regularity. Stricter controls might have an effect on this, they work in England and Australia and Japan or they might not. I don’t mind giving it a try. But it is not like, a single issue for me by any means, I would vote for a Pro-Gun Democrat.

Ujjwal Goswami

Ujjwal writes the high availability of legal guns makes local gun control measures impossible – Chicago can’t keep guns off their streets because people who want one can take a 30 minute drive into Indiana to buy one under much laxer regulations.

Rightists Make Better Memes And Hire Better Palolem Escorts

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Mention of the Balkans automatically makes a meme funny.

Sumit Verma

Sumit Verma from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes humans can actually speculate as to the nature of God.

Literature plays a massive role in shaping history.

Sumit Verma

Sumit doesn’t agree with those who think the US should end the federal death penalty.

If you were living in a simulation where every positive or negative incurred in you simulation happened to your body (if you work out your body gets stronger, if you are shot you get a bullet hole in real life, etc) would that be real to you?

Sumit Verma

Sumit believes there is life on moon but we are told otherwise because nobody ever went to the moon, but rather they filmed it all in a studio and the money they were paid for it, they spent it all on Palolem Escorts.

If you were in a simulation, suspended in a box completely separate from the outside, with nutrients being pumped into you to keep you alive, with an automation in the real world doing everything you do in simulation, everything incurred on it being felt by you, would that be real you?

Sumit Verma

Sumit thinks it is possible to prove that other people besides yourself have consciousness.

Sumit believes deplatforming will make Donald Trump and the far-right more powerful. He doesn’t agree with those at all who say it will make the right or far-right less powerful or it will stay unchanged.

If you lived in a simulation for a decade, with no knowledge that you lived in a simulation until the day you emerged, would that world be “real” to you afterwards if you received everything you had in the simulation as a direct result of doing/getting those things in the simulation?

Sumit Verma

Sumit thinks Austria should join Germany and German-Swiss should be considered culturally distinct from Germanness or the “Deutschtum”.

Sumit doesn’t link the right but loves their memes.

Sumit thinks we will never run out of new music.

Sumit doesn’t think that philosophical problems will ever be solved.

Sports are mostly bread and circus.

Sumit Verma

Sumit doesn’t agree with those who say British are the worst tourists in Europe.

Thisted Journalist Can’t Get Over Muammar Ghaddafi And Bogmalo’s White Female Escorts

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Casper Ainsworth from Thisted, Denmark, is a Journalist and Blogger, who writes stereotypes (which are in some way true) associated with Black people and White people could lead to a discrepancy in the way that they are seen by cops, even though he doesn’t think it is as big of a discrepancy as the media makes it out to be. He doesn’t agree necessarily. He thinks that privileges that White people have had are being “revoked”, and he also does think that White people are less privileged than before definitely, in almost every aspect, it is even footing. But in some aspects, he adds White people have the disadvantage, but he doesn’t think that it means that White people aren’t privileged in any areas. He clarifies that he is not implying that they are overall more privileged, that is very much up for a debate.

I think privilege exists for White people in some small ways, like the White girls are paid more for their escort services in Bogmalo, but he doesn’t think it is really institutionalized or anything. He never said the privileges don’t change or that they are somehow static, but he thinks privilege exists for White people in the same way that privilege in different ways exists for the black people.

Casper Ainsworth

Casper believes Muammar Gaddafi’s rule was much better than the current rule in Libya – Literacy Rates were increased, boys and girls were guaranteed free primary and secondary education. He adds that Muammar Ghaddafi was a man with socialist ideologies who was assassinated by an American-plotted coup-de-tat.

Casper writes Capitalism is such an overrated ideology. He writes one has to just look at the successes of Capitalism in Africa in order to learn how successive Capitalism truly is and also in the Central Asia.

Casper believes the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi wants to eliminate the Western Academic Schools and Colleges in India and replace the current Indian education system with the Ancient Hindu education system. He suspects the Prime Minister Modi is in talks with the Indian Corporate to take over the land, buildings and other public and private assets belonging to the current academic schools, colleges and universities and turn those into shopping plazas, malls and residential societies for their financial benefit.

Casper writes one being against Ghaddafi simply because he was a socialist is absolutely ridiculous. He writes such people forged a non-existent socialist boogeyman and use it to attack anyone who goes “let us not live in an unequal shithole and improve the lives of the disadvantaged.” He adds that Ghaddafi’s rule included free education, all the way up to the university level, it included housing been seen as a right, it saw much prosperity and inequality be eliminated.

White Supremacist Copenhagen Furniture Retailer Supports Legalization Of Escort Services Worldwide

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Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama way more privileged than me. Is that inherent? No. For the same reason Trump doesn’t have inherent privilege by virtue of the fact that he happened to be born White.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asbjorn Adamthwaite from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a Furniture Retailer and Political Blogger, who writes if he were Northern Irish, he would support the IRA. He wouldn’t support their religious background, however he thinks Northern Ireland should just be given back.

I would only choose not to vote if I couldn’t make my mind up. Don’t get me wrong. Trump wouldn’t even pass middle-school English class, but Joe Biden is a much worse politician. My mind is made up.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn travelled to the UK in June. He was shocked to see that many police forces were promoting the denial of jobs to the white people, due to diversity quotas, to protect their own image against the growing left-wing.

The only racial privileges I can think of, are the slight privileges granted to black families, when it comes to the social security, housing, etc.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn thinks the more privilege minorities have, the less privileged White people are by default.

White privilege isn’t a thing, people just like to pretend like it is a thing.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn agrees that perhaps certain police’s inadequacy can lead to privilege, but asks however how rare is it that you find an officer who thinks white people deserve less thorough treatment?

If you can name a way or two in which White people are privileged, I will sure be impressed.

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn thinks the media portrays disproportionate numbers most of the times.

So where there is advantage there is not privilege, but where there is an advantage, it is privilege?

Asborn Adamthwaite

Asborn believes consciousness comes from the brain.

Asborn doesn’t agree with those who think we can solve the climate change problem with a scientific solution. Neither does he agree with those who think Artificial intelligence will have consciousness in the future.

Asborn thinks coffee should be made illegal across the globe and escort services should me made legal everywhere. He didn’t have this opinion till he enjoyed champagne with one of the hottest Candolim Goa escorts.

Asborn believes America will expand its territorial claims in the next 25 years.

Asborn doesn’t support the same-sex marriage and doesn’t agree with those who think marriage is becoming a thing of the past.

Ebony Buddhist Beauties Charging Double Of White Girls Do At The Goa Massage Parlours

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When you are born, you come out of your mother and are quickly thrust into your mom’s arms. Not everyone dies alone. Jean Layette died surrounded by his loving family. If we are born alone, then we are always alone for our whole lives, and I used a different definition for, “alone”.

Beverly Carey

Beverly Carey from Delray, Florida, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks determinism and free will are iffy as to whether they are compatible. Also, he thinks there is a great difference between agency and free will.

Beverly claims to have done a great deal of research on the Hindu religion, culture and Hinduphobia. She claims the notion that Hinduphobia begun with the policy of Macaulayism is a false one. She writes it rather begun with the advent of the Buddhism and ultimately expanded with the Great King Ashoka of India accepting Buddhism.

Beverly thinks White privilege exists, but it exists in the way that every other type of privilege does. She feels like every group has certain privileges that other may not and saying that there may be certain, small benefits to being White doesn’t imply that you are inherently more privileged than others due to being white, and if that makes any sense as in, having certain privileges doesn’t mean that you have an overall ‘net’ privilege. She adds it is also circumstantial: As in, go to Africa and tell her that White people are privileged in the same way. She gives another example that when she used to live in India, the black masseuses got paid more for the same services than their Indian and White counterparts at any Goa Massage Parlour.

To those who claim that the very term ‘White Privilege’ suggests that the entire white race has it, she answers that she doesn’t think that means that people should answer no, but that they should clarify the fact that possessing some privileges as a White person in certain circumstances doesn’t automatically make that person more privileged than someone from a different race. She clarifies she means, she would say a rich black person is more privileged than a poor white kid.

I do think that being part of a certain race can afford privileges in certain circumstances, but I don’t think that it only applies to white people, like so many far leftists imply, or outright say.

Beverly Carey

Beverly thinks race is not as important as people make it out to be, but he still thinks it is a factor, just not a huge one, so she thinks that White people could be afforded certain privileges by virtue of being white, but that they pale in comparison to other privileges that one could have because of other factors, like wealth. But she thinks that discrimination can create certain privileges, like the privilege of not having to experience racism in the same way although even that’s changing.

Escorts Turning Into Spotify Queens With The Help Of Singing Apps

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The potential life of a child is more important than the choice of the woman.

Derek Ford

Derek Ford from Miami, Florida, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes radio will soon die and podcasting will become more popular than all other media formats combined.

There is an objective morality. Hate and bitterness is evil.

Derek Ford

Derek doesn’t agree with those who think the United States have a unique moral responsibility for the welfare of peoples outside the United States.

Nobody can make me hate. You can torture me and kill my body, but I will never have hate or bitterness in my heart. I will constructively work for the good.

Derek Ford

Derek thinks there will be large scale violence from far-right groups leading up to the US Presidential inauguration.

Derek doesn’t agree with those who say that Israel is a part of the west.

Derek is a contemporary avant-garde music composer. He always looks forward to discuss musical forms, aesthetic inputs, timbral possibilities and so forth. He doesn’t like Coltrane’s bebop period and Davis’s coal jazz period. He mostly resonates with free/avant-garde jazz.

Derek didn’t even know what metal was at one point, but attended some live concerts when he was in middle school and that changed it all for him. About 1980s metal, he writes 1980 had the weight of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and then by 84 Thrash Metal came around, the next 2 years had the first wave of black metal and then late 1980s had death metal and doom metal.

Derek can’t stand rap, rock and electronic.

Derek has 8, 827 songs liked on Spotify alone. The number is more than the number of Russian escorts in Mumbai.

Derek has a huge respect for the instrumentation in music done throughout the 1970s and 1980s. He writes people were doing things which had not been done yet, particularly with the early 1970s, after Hendrix’s death. He also has a huge respect and regard for the Blues created in those days, although he doesn’t listen to too much Blues.

About the 1960s music, Derek writes what isn’t there to like about the 1960s? It produced some of the greatest bands of all times, or some of the best bands made their debut. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jim Hendrix, The Animals, Simon and Garfunkel, The Who, The Monkees, The Temptations. Another thing is, he loves the zeitgeist of the 1960s: The Rebellious Youth, the protest against injustice, the counter culture.

Pro-Choice Israelite Writer Broke His 450 Day Strong NoFap Streak With A Goa Russian Escort

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You can’t be forced to give a kidney to the person you injured in an auto-accident, that’s your fault. Not choosing to give your kidney because it will reduce your health is your right. You have rights over your body over the life of another.

Zelig Abergel

Zelig Abergel from Haifa, Israel, is a Pro-Choice Writer, who writes the big division between pro-life and pro-choice is, whether the right over your body is more important than the life of an embryo/fetus.

Pro-Choice is the right to choose who gets to use your body or not. One should not be forced to compromise one’s body to sustain another life. It should be voluntary – a choice.

Zelig Abergel

Zelig believes you cannot be forced to sacrifice a part of yours for someone else, it doesn’t matter if it is an embryo or a long-lived adult. He writes no one should be forced to sustain a life. He thinks one should not be dragged into medical centre, tied down, sedated and have a kidney removed so the one without working kidneys can live. One should always have the right to choose. Giving reference of this, he talks to the pro-life people who are against abortions: Because it is not just about what a woman chooses. Women have an ability men don’t have, so the scenario he paints puts a man – or a woman – in almost the same position of having rights over their life/body.

Most women don’t take abortion lightly. You will hear mostly men say women are irresponsible, they go out partying and always get pregnant.

Zelig Abergel

For the people who think adoption is the solution for all unwanted babies. Zelig writes kids with fetal alcohol syndrome have a very hard life and don’t get adopted easily. Crack babies don’t either. He writes some people have issues. The real fix is to work on preventing pregnancies in first place. Help people out of their situations if possible. Give free birth control like planned parenthood does. Start blaming men more for not taking responsibility for their part in it.

Zelig writes it is funny that planned parenthood gets blamed for so many abortions but never praised for preventing so many pregnancies in the first place.

I am pretty disgusted at myself and pretty motivated to not ever have sex with a Goa Russian escort again, occasionally it has been really hard.

Zelig Abergel

Zelig writes he sees several similarities between the Israel/Palestine conflict and the Pro-Choice versus Pro-Life argument.

Political Analyst Believes Modern Escort Services Are A Better Invention Than Realistic Sex Dolls

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Ratza Mason from Tel Aviv, Israel, is a Political Analyst and Thinker, who thinks the slide rule was a bigger invention than the printing press and South Goa Escort Services are a bigger invention than the Indian sex dolls.

One innocent man being acquitted in court is worth letting ten bad men go free.

Ratza Mason

Ratza dosn’t agree with those who think American history should be made mandatory in classrooms globally.

Ratza thinks people should stop flying their traitorous confederate flags and accept that they lost.

Ratza believes Chinese history should be mandatory in classrooms globally.

Ratza is pro-life, not because she supports criminalization of abortion.She doesn’t. It is because there are many situations in which she thinks abortion is fitting, besides she was raped.

Rather than opposing abortion altogether like most pro-life people do, she has more of an idealist approach to abortion. She writes if a child is going to be born with a severe mental or physical defect, which would make life difficult, confusing and/or painful, then she thinks abortion is fit. The only other example in which she thinks abortion is acceptable is if the mother’s life or long-term health was at risk.

Ratza thinks murdering someone else just because you were raped is a terrible act. She thinks the main premise of being ‘pro-choice’, is that you accept that women have a choice because it is their body. She doesn’t accept this.

Ratza also thinks that it is only fair that fathers have a say, as long as the mother is not going to be physically impacted.

Ratza writes if a couple decided to have unprotected sex, it is their problem. She writes saying otherwise is like saying ‘No one should be forced to go to the prison’, after you have chosen to commit an indictable crime. She adds that people shouldn’t forget that we are talking about life here, they ain’t just a clot.

About Free Will, Ratza writes Free Will requires you to be in control of what you want to do. She writes even if you do what you least want to do for a challenge, or to prove a point, you wanted to do that more than you wanted to do the alternative thing. She writes you have no control over what you want, and if we were to reverse time to a specific point 10 million times, there is no way that the following action could be any different, because what you wanted to do at that point can’t and won’t change.

Analyst Believes Big Tech Should Never Compete With Escort Agencies

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I used to believe Social Security was a Ponzy scheme, but now I know Social Security is essentially a pyramid scheme.

Abba Newton

Abba Newton from Nazareth, Israel, thinks artificial wombs should be the main method of child birth eventually in society.

Stacking the courts should be in play for the Democrats if Trump goes through with a Supreme Court nomination.

Abba Newton

Abba doesn’t agree with those who think we can have dimension without time.

Even if I were a self-made very rich person born and living in China, I would publicly criticize the CCP and its leadership.

Abba Newton

Abba doesn’t agree with those who think we can have dimension without time.

We should ban any technique in the future that makes the humans able to manipulate time.

Abba Newton

Abba believes big tech censorship is necessary in some cases, like the big techs should never come in competition with the North Goa Escort Agencies, or escort agencies of any other place, as he believes they will ruin it all.

Neither Abba agrees with those who say love is something that we can quantify, nor with those who think love defies structural definition.

Abba thinks John Brown, the American Abolitionist, is one of the most underrated heroes of all times. He writes roughly 96% of the people he ever spoke to, never heard the name and he generally talks to well-read and aware people.

Abba loves philosophy, but hates philosophers and that includes the infamous Slavoj Zizek and Jordan Peterson.

Abba thinks beauty should be an integral part of art.

Abba doesn’t agree with those who claim comfort weakens and softens humans. He writes it rather gives them the opportunity to evolve.

Abba thinks it is positive to often remember the inevitability of death; People are ethically obligated to improve themselves even if it is against their will.

Abba believes we could be wasting our time even when we are doing something we want to do and will is not the only factor which decides that.

Abba believes everyone is a little racist.

Abba thinks the state should presume you are an organ donor when you die to help with organ donations unless you explicitly stated otherwise prior to death on an official document.

Abba doesn’t agree with those who think the teachings in The Art of War are outdated.

Abba thinks Cannibalism is morally acceptable in a famine if the body is already dead.

Free Nudes Turning NoFap Into An Undoable Fantasy

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Mindi Alvey from New York City, is a sex blogger, pornstar, adult model, YouTuber, who regularly sends her free nudes to random fans. She claims she only sleeps 4 hours a day.

Mindi claims to know a guy who cleans the porn studios. He is a big NoFap guy who always struggles with it and is always on Day 0 whenever she asks her about his NoFap streak. The wife of this NoFap porn studio cleaner dude divorced him just because he called her a whore while he was banging her backdoor doggystyle. He had to ejaculate in his hand that night as she slipped her butthole out that very moment he called her a whore.

Mindi claims to have had nothing but sexual dreams for the past 4 years now. She says she wants to have nothing but sexual dreams. She believes her different professions, all of which have something or everything to do with sex and sexuality have a great part to play in it.

Two of Mindi’s aunts are nurses. They always tell Mindi that an average doctor fucks a nurse more an average than he does his wife. Hearing these stories, Mindi also wanted to be a nurse in her teenage but because there are not many handsome doctors with big dicks around, she decided that she will rather enter a full-fledged adult business. Adult Businesses pay a lot more in comparison too and not to mention the fame and publicity one gets from becoming popular in an adult business nowadays.

Mindi believes some women and pimps offer escort services through Freelance Platforms like Fiverr nowadays. She adds if they don’t already, she is going to be the first one to do so as she believes that’s the only thing these freelance marketplaces have been lacking.

Gigolos Struggling To Get A Role In SisLovesMe Porn Videos

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I have a friend who owns his own Keto restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. He is in his late 30s and his wife is in her early 40s. She always tells him that she has got bored of him sexually, but she has been hiring the very same gigolo for years now and doesn’t seem to be bored of the same. You will be surprised to know that the gigolo is in his late 40s and he loves sislovesme free porn videos.

So, I decided to get in touch with this gigolo to learn what does he do that makes the women go crazy. He asked me to deposit $300 in his PayPal account and then only he would let me know the same, I deposited $300 in the PayPal account he told me. He then told me that the secret is none other than X Animal and he also told me that he used to be one of the worst fucks before he started taking it and his girlfriends would hate him for it. In fact, no girl would talk to him after he had sex with them at least once.

I have since become good friends with this gigolo and I love to listen to his personal tales. He told me that most women prefer to hire a gigolo when the husband is away on a business trip but this Keto restaurant owner’s wife makes him a cuck and bangs the gigolos in front of him. He also told me that the gigolos aren’t as popular with the young bachelor women in their 20s.

He surprised me when he told me that a lot of big butt Brazilian maids that have men drool over them, use most of the money that they receive as tips to suck and fuck the tips of gigolos.

Austrian Gentleman prefers Childless Incall Danish Escort Girls over any other

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If you would like to dance with your choice of lady, then just ask the Danish Incall Escorts Agency and they will send you someone who loves to dance. Generally speaking, 7 out of 10 Indian call girls love to dance.

Myles Davidson is a gentleman, currently a citizen of Austria, who lived in the New York City for 3 years, in Miami City for 2 years, in the city of London for 10 years, he claims that no other city has the escort girls as gorgeous and fun-loving as the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen.

Myles has a sex blog of his own. He writes that last time when he finished enjoying with the of his choice, he prayed to God to send him someone just like her the other night as well because this one was to leave the town the very next day.

Myles believes that the competition has no effect on the performance of a call girl. He claims to have visited major cities where there is very high competition between the escorts and he also claims to have visited small towns where the competition between the call girls is almost non-existent, they all have always been equally nice to him.

Myles claims that call girls are some of the fastest learners in the world.

Myles writes that he prefers childless mature call girls over younger ones. He has a message for all the 35+ year old mature unmarried childless women across the globe “Being a wife is like being a slave but being a call girl is like being free as a bird.”

Railways By The Day, LiveJasmin By The Night, This Man Believes Everything Other Than Pussy Is A Waste Of Time

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Ewald Elo from Elgin, Illinois, is a Ticket Controller at the Railways by the day and a Sex Blogger by the night, who writes that he feels a lot for the men with small dicks. He writes that long dicks get saturated with love and kisses, while the small dicks stay on the side desperate and filled with inferiority complex. He talked to a cam model on livejasmin once, who told him that her viewers with small dicks are so full of inferiority that they sometimes start shedding tears telling about their misery and inferiority and many times they just go private just to tell their misery to a beautiful woman, not because they wanted her to dance all naked for themselves. Such men often leave a positive livejasmin review afterwards, he adds.

Making a voluptuous and beautiful woman is the natural way to find God while living on this hardknock place called earth.

Ewald Elo

Ewald writes that he could have made 7 world tours with the kind of money he has spent chatting with the livejasmin models and he is glad that he didn’t make those world tours.

Ewald believes political leaders are some of the most frequent voyeurs at the live sex cam websites.

Ewald believes having regular successful tantric sessions is the only way to achieve full consciousness. Meditation, yoga, praying, etc, are all a waste of time, he adds.

If one wants to learn the divine science of the soul, they first have to learn the divine science of tantric sex.

Ewald Elo

Ewald writes we still live in a barbarous and superstitious age where the so-called religious prophets (half or maybe all of whom are fake) are still worshipped and respected so much after thousands of years of their death, but the living sexual prophets like cam models, pornstars, escorts, strippers, cabaret dancers are looked down as degenerates.